This mini ecological paradise consists of a bedroom with a double bed and a single bed, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. 
Guests can enjoy the comfort provided by air conditioning, hot water available 24 hours, free Wi-Fi and beds with orthopedic mattresses. Electricity is provided 24 hours a day by a powerful but silent automatic generator. 
It’s located close to one of the best beaches in São Tomé, Praia dos Governadores, a white sand beach with wonderful landscapes, that convey the charms of the island.

The ecolodge

Experience the natural beauty and culture of São Tomé without worries.

Explore spaces that invite you to discover incomparable experiences through sustainability.

alojamento - quarto


Details that make all the difference

24 Hour Security

24 Hour Power

24 Hour Hot Water

Air Conditioning

Exterior Pool

Equipped Kitchen

Wifi Access

Breakfast Included

24 Hour Security

24 Hour Power

24 Hour Hot Water

Wifi Access

Air Conditioning

Exterior Pool

Breakfast included

Equipped Kitchen


Everything you need for your dream vacation


A much deserved rest

Enjoy an ample space or your privacy with sliding doors that separate you from the rest of the house. Comfortable, with a timeless style finish and furniture made with sustainable materials, the room is inspired by the African continent, transporting you to a different and unique culture.

Living room and balcony

An exclusive stay

A leisure space where you can observe the wonderful view from the large balcony, or rest in the lounge area, enjoying the peaceful and bright environment.

Kitchen area

Feel at home even when you're away

The heritage and culture are brought to you through the countertops, made of slate stone from the old cocoa dryers, as well as the dishwasher, made of ocá wood, the same as the fishing canoes.

A large bathroom

The best amenities

Enjoy a hot (or cold) shower in a bathroom covered in volcanic stone and natural resources from the surrounding area, such as the slate stone countertop and the washbasin carved in jackfruit root.

The exterior

Everything you need to relax

Meal area

Tropical Flavours

Relax and eat in tables made out of slices of a centenary and emblematic ocá tree, which was located in the town of Conde and for decades was an obligatory place to stop for a photo next to its gigantic roots. Due to its age , size and potential danger to the houses nearby, it had to be cut down and reused to become a place of rest and leisure, not falling into waste.
You can also find a restaurant being built next to this area so that you can  soon enjoy São Tomé’s tradicional dishes from the comfort of the ecolodge.

The pool

Relax and dive in

The pool is filled with running water from the Ouro River, diverted from an old aqueduct that once supplied Fernão Dias, a former dependence on the Ouro plantation, currently called the Agostinho Neto plantation. The bridge that crosses the pool is made with olive wood that belonged to an old pontoon and was submerged and carved in a unique and unparalleled way by the sea for more than 100 years.


Fun for the youngest

Our tree house has a bench overlooking the pool, a climbing wall/net and a playground, all built with natural and eco-friendly materials.


What they say about us

"A unique and magical space, where everything is thought out in detail and made with passion and dedication. A warm welcome and a detailed visit with all the details of all the originality of the recovered local materials. Undoubtedly a unique experience not to be missed on your stay in São Tomé and Príncipe."

Daniel Lima
Google Reviews
"The bungalow is spacious, with a living room, bedroom and large bathroom, with a little bunk bed area, dining area and kitchen. The deck was nice in the mornings for yoga. The pool is clean and inviting and everything on the property is recycled and eco friendly. (...) If you want a taste of a little jungle paradise, this is beautiful."

Pam Dakan
Google Reviews

Points of interest

Discover the wonders around the ecolodge

Governors' Beach

A paradisiacal beach with white sand, which served as the setting for scenes on horseback in the telenovela “Ecuador”, based on the book by Miguel Sousa Tavares. 

The path to the Ecolodge

Start your stay in the best way and absorb what we have to offer with the path that takes you to our door, accompanied by an ancient aqueduct.

Boca do Inferno viewpoint

In addition to the breathtaking view, the sound of the waves turns the “Mouth of Hell” into a magical place, where you can enjoy the freshness of the sea.

Micoló town

Soak up the culture of São Tomé through the typical delicacies of Micoló. Indulge in freshly caught fish, cuttlefish and grilled octopus, so typical of this area.

São Nicolau's waterfall

Its waters are beautiful, coming from the top of a mountain, creating a perfect environment to relax, with birdsong and the forest surrounding the place. 

Coffee Museum

Perfect for coffee lovers, take a journey through the history of coffee growing culture from planting, through harvesting, drying to the final product. 


What to do in São Tomé

Freeing turtles

Be part of the beginning of one of the most epic journeys in the animal kingdom, with the release of baby turtles. This event occurs seasonally.

Snorkeling in Lagoa Azul

With calm and crystalline waters, Lagoa Azul is the perfect place to practice snorkeling. Take the opportunity to discover the incredible aquatic life that São Tomé presents. 

Boat visit to Ilhéu das Cabras

Travel by boat to Ilhéu das Cabras and enjoy a beautiful lunch with local cuisine and have moments of relaxation in such a beautiful and pure place.

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