São Tomé e Príncipe

Experience the natural beauty of São Tomé

The island of São Tomé is home to a tropical forest with enormous biodiversity. With so many wonders to behold, it is the ideal destination for those who love nature and a culture rooted in sustainability.


Explore the rich wildlife

The corners of the island of São Tomé present untouched landscapes with a forest dense in biodiversity, where animals and nature cohabit in perfect balance. Animals such as dolphins, whales or sea turtles are one of the relics of this stunning place.


Get to know a culture rooted in sustainability

The environment is rich in culture, with African and Portuguese ancestry. There is an abundance of delicious cuisine, such as fresh fish, cocoa and the famous local beer. 

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A ilha

The essence of untouched nature

The island of São Tomé is one of the examples in the world of something beautiful that is not disturbed by Man, remaining pure, with its natural grace and, at the same time, indomitable.

Delicious food

Fresh and delicious food

With a predominance of fresh food, São Tomé is known for its chocolate made from cocoa and for its traditional and charming dishes. Fresh fish and shellfish are delicacies in the area, where tourists and locals enjoy the best the sea has to offer.


What to do in São Tomé

Freeing turtles

Be part of the beginning of one of the most epic journeys in the animal kingdom, with the release of baby turtles. This event occurs seasonally.

Snorkeling in Lagoa Azul

With calm and crystalline waters, Lagoa Azul is the perfect place to practice snorkeling. Take the opportunity to discover the incredible aquatic life that São Tomé presents. 

Boat visit to Ilhéu das Cabras

Travel by boat to Ilhéu das Cabras and enjoy a beautiful lunch with local cuisine and have moments of relaxation in such a beautiful and pure place.

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